Using the Killbot Shortlink, you can create unique links to share with your customers. This feature can make a short URL with your own domain and hosting. This service has gotten a security to your site from fake visitors (hosting, proxy, VPN to prevent bots, fake accounts, fraudsters) so that you get real visitors.

Installation Guide

URL to Short / Visitor Redirection
Fill in the intended domain (not the shortlink domain)
Custom Keyname
You can fill it in if you want to create a custom keyname.
Bot Redirection
If the bot or malicious visitor will be redirected to another page.
Choose any device that can enter the destination domain.
Blocked Type
Choose any device that can enter the destination domain.
Blocked Level
Choose any visitors who are allowed to enter the destination domain. The rest can be read on the Blocked Type page.
Which countries can access the designated domain. You can customize it via the Customize Bot Redirection page.
Select ON to activate WAF. The rest can be read on the Firewall page.
  • Click the Generate button to create a new Shortlink.
  • After that, click the Eye Icon / View to see the visitor statistics.
  • It can be seen that there are 2 other icons, namely the Lightning Icon to check whether the URL is detected as dangerous or not by Google Safe Browsing. While the Trash Icon is used to delete the Shortlink.
For shortlink with your own domain, this is the example :