Blacklist IPs

This feature is useful if you want to block multiple IPs as you wish.
Here is how to add the IP you want to block.
  • Click the IP Management menu then select Blacklist IPs
  • Click "Add" to add a list of IPs you want to block.
  • The IP list that is entered must be in the predetermined format. The following is the format for writing the IP list that you want to block.
IP Address
Block IP Address : only
Block IP Address : 8.8.8.* , , ... and more
Block IP Address : 8.8.*.1 , , ... and more
Block IP Address : 8.*.1.1 , , ... and more
  • You can enter a list of IPs that you want to block in the existing text area. Note that the format must be in accordance with what has been determined. IP list separated by commas , not with spaces or even enter.
  • To save just click "Submit". Then the IP list that is entered will already be blocked by the Killbot Blocker and Killbot Shortlink.