Dashboard Overview

The Killbot Dashboard is used for customizing the Killbot Verify user experience, configuring your verification business logic, and manually reviewing IDs and visitors.
The dashboard is comprised of the following primary components:
  • Developers: The dashboard settings enable you to generate API keys.
  • Documentation: Documentation about how to use all Killbot features and REST API information.
  • Articles & Tutorials: Articles that related to Killbot likes how to tutorial and some update information.
  • Files & Resources: Places you to download sample source code to use Killbot.
  • Blocker: Manage Killbot blocker features.
  • Shortlink: Create and manage Killbot shortlink.
  • Customization: Customize bot redirection and multiple allowed country that can access your platform.
  • IP Management: Place to manage blacklist and whitelist IP address.
  • Identify Tools: GUI tools to mass identify disposable email and phone numbers.
  • Computer Vision: Monitoring computer vision detection reports.
  • Subscription: To view subscription information and make subscription to use Killbot.