Flow Overview

Functional overview of the Killbot features.
This document outlines the data protection and verification methods available on Killbot and their respective end user experiences. The option to secure the application can be done using the Blocker feature. In addition, you can use the verification feature to confirm user identity (eKYC) so that your platform becomes more secure.
The shortlink feature itself is similar to "" which you can use to do branding. However, our shortlink feature has the advantage of having a better security system.

How Killbot responds to unknown security threats?

Illustrative images of how Killbot protects your website.
Illustrative images of how Killbot protects your website.
  • IP address
  • Header
  • Referrer
  • User Agent
  • etc.,
Users are classified into two, namely "REAL USERS" and "THREATS USERS". Threats users will be redirected to another page while Real users will be given access to access your website platform. For use on the mobile platform, it is more or less the same as in the illustration image below.
Illustrative images of how Killbot protects your mobile application.

How Killbot verify users using Computer Vison?

This document outlines the verification methods available in Killbot and their respective end-user experiences. Killbot offers three main verification methods:
  • ID Check
  • Selfie Match
  • Selfie Search
With our Computer Vision technology you can minimize customer friction by comparing the user face with their identity document. Our flexible scoring system helps you determine the relevance and quality of customer-submitted documents, effortlessly. With this service you can have the following benefits:
  • Prevent identity theft: Killbot verifies that the selfie is a real, not photo from screen or paper.
  • Faster verification: Helping operation team while doing verification process, skip the user with high scoring of similarity.
  • Flexible scoring: Setting your own confident scoring to define the level of similarity.
  • Variations of product: Face recognition available in both Web API and Mobile SDK.
  • No document limit: Our Face Recognition can detect face in any document or photo. Feel free to set based on your business needs.
  • Verify for good customer: Combining AI and expert human analysts makes your business secure from fraudster.
Illustrative image of how Killbot verify user using ID document and Selfie photos.
The image above shows how Killbot works to verify good users by utilizing the SDK we have.