Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find some of Killbot’s most frequently asked questions about our plans, getting started, and billing.

Getting Started

How does Killbot work?
How to install Killbot Blocker in my website or app?
Why my Killbot Blocker got Banned?
I feel Killbot is wrong in predicting the status of visitors (false detection)?
How to add custom bot redirection URLs or domains?
How to add custom multiple allowed country?
What is Bot Type, Blocked Type, Blocked Level and Firewall?
How to add IP Blacklist and IP Whitelist?
Where can I find my API Key?
What is your privacy policy - terms & regulations (TOS) ?
How to report suspected abuse on Killbot?

Billing & Invoicing

How to purchase services on Killbot?
Is there a refund?